The Changing Face – and Faces – of No.10 Downing Street: The Geography of Power since 1945

How much I wish that the public – the people, after all, on whose behalf No.10 exists – could see beyond that famous front door…[1]

Margaret Thatcher

Just off Whitehall, in London’s SW1 postcode, fronted by one of the world’s most iconic front doors, stands No.10 Downing Street, the unique home and office of the British Prime Minister. Dating from the late seventeenth century, this historic building has been the scene of hundreds of years of political decision-making at the highest level. From overseeing the largest Empire in the world, to operating in today’s high-speed 24-hour information age, No.10 has remained a constant in a rapidly changing world.

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Basic Income in the UK? Evaluating the evidence from other nations

Basic income is a guaranteed minimum income from the government. It is a method of compensating citizens for financial instabilities, and some believe that it could transform how the benefits system works in the UK. However, before such a system could be introduced the government would need to test, analyse and evaluate the potential benefits, and pitfalls, that may arise. Recently an Early Day Motion was tabled in parliament calling on the government to commission further research into the possibilities offered by Basic Income models. Finland, the Netherlands and Canada have already taken steps to investigate the impact of Basic Income. Here, researchers from these three nations, give their global perspective on this topic. Continue reading