Welcome, to my first blog.  The plan is to splurge out my thoughts once a week (or so) and to combine commentary, eclectic and random dissemination of ideas, and general “stuff” from research in psychology, education, higher education… and the world. It goes without saying that views, opinions (and jokes) will be entirely my own; I generally try not to express opinions that are not my own. So anything you read here certainly doesn’t reflect King’s or Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience views.

This blogging endeavour contrasts with the usual lab webpage (or website) but this is innovation, and I actually think there’s some merit in committing to a weekly (or maybe fortnightly) communication. We’ll see!

For my first week I’ll be writing about ESRC. And there are plans in place for some other comments on psychology and the media (the court jester of sciences), Higher Education and, of course, life at IoPPN.

Its very important to blame Laura Gordon for suggesting that I do this. Her gentle insistence meant that I actually produced something, in the end. I must also thank Hannah Simkin for her offer to be a plan B and write something here if I ever fall under a bus, get abducted by aliens, or am forcibly restrained from writing. (I am not sure she agreed actually to do this, but if I write it here I know she’ll feel she has to).  If that happens, I confidently predict that Hannah would write something really good. Maybe then she’ll permanently get the gig?