Welcome to the Oral Health and Society blog. This blog is linked to the Division of Population and Patient Health in the Dental Institute at King’s College London and aims to share some of the exciting research that is being carried out within the division.

The Division of Population and Patient Health (PPH) encompasses strengths in Social and Behavioural Sciences, Dental Public Health, Paediatric Dentistry and Special Care Dentistry. The members span the clinical and public health community and include the wider disciplines of sociology and psychology. Our multidisciplinary mix of researchers enables us to undertake cross cutting research and contribute across key national and global healthcare issues.

Our work focuses on the interface between people and their oral health and oral healthcare and is exploratory, involving developing and applying theory; developing clinical and non-clinical interventions and explanations, and delivering impact through translating evidence into policy and practice. Our research spans topics from the provision of patient-centred care in clinical settings, through understanding oral health and disease in population sub-groups to population level epidemiological research which means that we have a broad lens through which to view the world and its challenges, particularly in relation to promoting health and delivering healthcare.

For further details of the Division of Population and Patient Health, the principal investigators and their research groups, including doctoral students, please follow this link: https://www.kcl.ac.uk/dentistry/research/divisions/population/Research-Areas/Research-Areas.aspx