King’s residences vs private accommodation?


By Jamie Clifford, BSc Physics, Department of Physics

Everyone who applies for halls has the ache of waiting to find out which accommodation you are put into. I found out whilst on holiday in Portugal with my friend from Sixth Form. I received the e-mail and opened to find out I had been placed in the Stratford accommodation. Having lived in central London for a few years and having to move away from the city was slightly annoying, but I still did it. I even moved in a week early, so I could bag the good kitchen cupboards.

The first weekend I was away in Liverpool and when I came back everyone had moved in. My corridor had a total of ten people and not many of them would ever leave their rooms unless using the kitchen which made it a quiet bunch…until one of them decided that pre-drinks should always be held at our flat, which didn’t go down well with me. I looked past it and was excited to start my new life in Stratford when I realised: I hate the tube. I continued to bike in everyday from Stratford to Strand and wearing myself out until the point of no return when I moved out of Stratford and into a studio (closer, much closer).

Now I am living a happy non-commuting life, paying a little extra but it is worth it in my case. I do keep in touch with my 3-week long flat mates who are doing fine without me and I have also made some connections with the other people living in my building now.

University halls weren’t for me; however, it’s a nice and easy way of making friends. I probably would have enjoyed my time there if I had pushed through for a couple more weeks and I would advise anyone who finds themselves in my position to do so.

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