Decisions, decisions…How I chose my accommodation at King’s Residences

By Alicia Beylan, MSci Robotics & Intelligent Systems, Department of Informatics

Four years ago I was in the process of moving from Mexico to the UK and one of my main worries was finding a place to live. One of the factors that made my life much easier was the huge variety of housing options that King’s offers.

King’s halls offers you the opportunity to meet other people from different degrees and nationalities which, when you are new to London, is super helpful. Another advantage that they offer is that all their accommodations have amazing transport links and are more affordable than other private student accommodations.

There are many type of rooms that you can get at King’s: shared accommodation, single rooms, en-suite rooms and studios. These type of rooms are available in different residences, so I knew that the first thing I needed to choose was the type of room I wanted. I ended up choosing an en-suite room so I could have my own bathroom. The second major thing for me was choosing an accommodation that wasn’t too far from campus, which in my case was Strand. Taking into account these options, I put as my first option Stamford Street Apartments and second option Great Dover Street.

I ended up staying at Great Dover Street, which is just 20-25 mins walking from campus! I had my own en-suite room and shared a kitchen with 7 amazing people, people that up to now remain my friends.

At the start it was difficult because I wasn’t used to sharing my space and I was a very introverted and shy person, but as days passed by I found people that shared interests with me, people to walk to uni with me every morning and people to just have a relaxed chat with whilst cooking.

Living in student halls was the best decision I could have ever taken. I met so many people, not only from my flat but from all the residences, had friends to study with all night before exams, friends to go partying with and a small family to celebrate thanksgiving day and to have a small Christmas dinner with.

For anyone that is new to London, I would highly suggest staying in KCL student halls! It’s an experience that you won’t regret.

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