Why I chose King’s – Computing & Security (a PG Perspective)


By Srinath Panchavati Ramakrishna, MSc Computing & Security, Department of Informatics

If there is one thing I love about King’s College London, it is everything. When I started applying for colleges back in India for my Master’s degree in 2017, I didn’t quite find any other college which could give King’s a run for its money. While researching about King’s, the first thing that caught my eye is the list of alumni. King’s produces diamonds in the form of graduates and seven months into my Master’s course, I now know how! The subjects taught at KCL have the right mix of theory and practical content and I have been more than just satisfied until now with my course. I researched quite a lot on LinkedIn trying to find alumni to network with and I could only see how successful they are in their respective careers. Everyone had some interesting stuff or the other happening in their lives post King’s and it was very heartening to see. This only highlighted to me how amazing a brand King’s is. KCL is ranked among the top colleges in the world by many websites. If you have King’s name on your CV, then you are sure to catch a lot of eyeballs!

I remember researching about the King’s libraries and how awed I felt when I saw images of the round reading room of the Maughan Library. Only a few universities in this world have such libraries. Being a part of King’s gets you instant access to the libraries of other University of London colleges along with the Senate House library. Now that is true wealth!

Another very important reason why I chose King’s is because of its location. It is in the centre of one of the most happening cities in the world. There are five different campuses in the heart of London and you couldn’t ask for a better setting. The college campuses themselves are a treat to the eye.

There are a lot of things to do as a student of KCL socially. Social hot-spots are aplenty in all the campuses; pubs, bars, cafés, chill-out zones, you name it! I am a cricketer myself and I wanted to continue playing even at the uni I would end up joining. That is when I found out that sports are taken very seriously at King’s. King’s has its own playgrounds where the college teams play and practice. In the summer, the college teams battle against other colleges for various trophies. Also, don’t be surprised if an Olympic medalist walks past you in the King’s College corridors!

Putting all of these parameters together, I decided to join King’s and I did that without hesitation. As a student, you cannot ask for more from a university! Come, be part of the glorious King’s history!

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