‘I can’t walk with cramp’: supporting people with intermittent claudication to walk

Melissa N Galea Holmes, John A Weinman, Lindsay M Bearne  A “walk in the park” is more difficult than it sounds for someone with Peripheral Arterial Disease. This condition, called Intermittent Claudication (IC), is caused by narrowing of the lower-limb arteries which reduces blood flow to the muscles during walking resulting in a cramping leg […]

World Confederation of Physical Therapists Congress 2019

The World Confederation of Physical Therapists (WCPT) congress is one of the physiotherapy professions leading global meetings. It occurs every two years and attracts a large, vibrant and international delegation. In 2019 the WCPT congress was held in Geneva, Switzerland between 10-13th May and the MOSAIC Chief Investigator, Dr Lindsay Bearne, attended the conference to […]