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Gail2This is the blog for the National Learning Alliance for the Men, Substance Use and Relationships study.


Intimate partner violence (IPV) (physical, sexual or psychological abuse) occurs in all countries, cultures and among all ethnic groups, yet our understanding of the role that cultural beliefs play in IPV perpetration is limited.

Men in substance misuse treatment are more likely to be violent towards their female partners than non-substance misusers. Despite this, few studies have examined IPV perpetration among substance misusers, and none have examined cross-cultural issues among male substance misusers who perpetrate IPV.

Although research suggests that 34-68% of men in substance misuse treatment have a history of IPV, many interventions for perpetrators do not address substance misuse and most substance misuse services do not screen for IPV. Integrating interventions for IPV into substance misuse treatment may improve the response to IPV among substance misusers.

This bilateral UK/Brazil research project is funded by the ESRC and FAPESP and  includes:

The project seeks to:

  • Quantitatively examine and compare the prevalence of IPV perpetration by males in substance misuse treatment in London and São Paulo.
  • Qualitatively examine and compare the cultural construction of IPV perpetration amongst men in substance misuse treatment in London and São Paulo.
  • Review current policies, treatment protocols and care pathways for male substance misusing perpetrators in both countries.
  • Interview policy and practice stakeholders to identify the barriers and facilitators to working with this client group in both countries.
  • Inform the development of an evidence and theory based cross-cultural capacity framework for working effectively with male perpetrators in substance abuse treatment.

see the project website at:

In this blog we will:

  • Bring you up to date with the project so far
  • Give you regular updates on project developments
  • Bring contributions and views from members of the Learning Alliances
  • Post project and other relevant documents




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