End of project conference, King’s College, 2nd February 2016

Over 180 people attended the end of project conference at the Great Hall at King’s Strand campus on 2nd February 2016. Participants included representatives from substance use services, IPV victim and perpetrator services, adult service commissioners, police, community safety organisations, Community Rehabilitation Companies, national and international researchers, the England and Wales Department of Health, Public Health England and service user representatives. Organisations represented included NSPCC, Adfam, Rise (CRC), Kent Police, Terrence Higgins Trust, Swift Family Services, The Priory Hospital, St Mungo’s and representatives from 29 local authorities.


Researchers Gail Gilchrist, Polly Radcliffe and Professor Ana Flavia Oliveira presented the quantitative and qualitative findings from the project in the first session, chaired by Professor Claudia Garcia Moreno of the World Health Organisation. Ingrid Wilson of Latrobe University, Melbourne presented her research on women’s management of safety as partners of problem drinkers and Cory Crane of Rochester Institute of Technology (NY, USA), presented research findings on What Works with substance using IPV perpetrators.

Polly Radcliffe gave a presentation on the gaps in drug policy to respond to IPV perpetration amongst substance users and findings from interviews with substance use and IPV practitioners and policy makers.Learning Alliance members Professor Liz Hughes of the University of Huddersfield and Jo Todd,  CEO of Respect presented the Capabilities Framework which was available to all conference participants.


Pauline Fisher of the Public Health England discussed IPV amongst substance users as a public health problem. She focused particularly on the relationship between Adverse Childhood Events and IPV perpetration by men. John McCracken from the England and Wales Department of Health discussed implications for drug policy.


Professor Claudia Garcia Moreno from the World Health Authority and Dr Jane Mounteney of the European Monitoring Centre on Drugs and Drug Addiction presented an international perspective on IPV and substance use.

Practitioners, Maria Cripps (Cranstoun – Change/ Recovery@28B) and Selene Rull-Usano (Living Without Violence) gave practice examples of delivering programmes for substance using IPV perpetrators.Lidia Segura from the Government of Catalunya and Heinrich Geldschläger, of Conexus, in Catalunya presented findings from their local initiatives in Catalunya, using the Capabilities Framework.


Carlos Moreno of the University of Greenwich (a member of the Learning Alliance and expert in Learning Alliance approaches) and Micky Richards, Southeast Regional Director of CRI presented her perspectives of the Learning Alliance.

Feedback from the conference was very positive. Videos of presentation will be available on the conference website soon.


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