Capabilities Framework available to download

UntitledThe Capabilities Framework for working safely and effectively with men who perpetrate intimate partner violence in the context of substance misuse is available to be downloaded now from the King’s website here

This Framework has been developed from the findings of  the bilateral project Perpetration of intimate partner     violence by males in substance abuse treatment: a cross-cultural Learning Alliance that was funded by the Economic and Social Research Council in the UK (ES/ K002589/1).

This research examined and compared the prevalence and cultural construction of intimate partner violence perpetration by males attending treatment for substance use in England and Brazil.

The Framework aims to define and clarify the key capabilities (ie knowledge, attitude and values, ethical practice, skills and reflection and professional development) for working with men who use substances (drugs and alcohol) and who perpetrate intimate partner violence. It is aimed primarily at people who work within substance use treatment services, but it also relevant to those who plan and lead service developments within substance use sector including managers and commissioners.

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