Learning Alliance Meeting March 2015

Dissemination of Research Findings

The Men Substance Use and Relationships research project includes researchers, policy makers, service providers and practitioners in the Intimate Partner Violence and substance use sectors. The idea of a Learning Alliance is that research findings are shared and disseminated at any early stage with policy makers and end-users.  On 18th March eighteen people attended our second National Learning Alliance meeting at the IOPPN, King’s College, London. Continue reading

IPV, Substance Misuse and comorbid mental health problems

Substance use and mental health disorders are linked to different forms of intimate partner violence victimisation
Caroline L. Saloma,, Gail M. Williams, Jakob M. Najmana,, Rosa Alati
Drug and Alcohol Dependence, March, 2015.

This journal article by Australian academics examines the links between different comorbidities of substance use and mental health disorders and different forms of IPV victimisation in a cohort of young people. Results suggest that once other forms of IPV experienced are accounted for, psychological IPV was experienced by those with individual and comorbid alcohol and mental health disorders, while physical IPV was related to individual and comorbid illicit substance and mental health disorders. Continue reading