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Text and Context: Histoire, Politics, Erotics

Centre for the Study of Contemporary Women’s Writing, Institute of Modern Languages Research, Senate House, University of London

Friday 2 June 2017

 Marie Nimier’s body of work has extended over the last three decades to include fiction and autofiction (thirteen novels so far), writing for children, scripts for theatre, song lyrics… This conference will consider Nimier’s work in a variety of contexts, whether it is to situate a given text within the broader corpus or to consider her work as a reflection on or critique of contemporary society and culture.

There is particular scope for examining Nimier’s problematics and writing project in relation to those of other contemporary writers, female or male. Three dimensions are suggested as a possible basis, separately or in combination, for contributions: histoire, politics and erotics:

 histoire, in the sense in which each narrative seeks to find a form which may draw on existing conventional models while also questioning and renewing them: (auto)biography, crime fiction, the initiatic or quest narrative, pornography…;

 politics, insofar as Nimier’s texts speak to us of power relationships, whether on a social, familial or interpersonal level, as means of imposing order, of constraint or of violence; and

 erotics, in the different ways in which representations of hetero or queer sexualities energise her narratives, so that desire, whether manifest or implicit, provides a climate within which these narratives and her writing itself develops.

Other approaches are however by no means excluded.

Suggestions for contributions in French or English (200‐250 words) to be sent by the end of January 2017 to ana.de.medeiros@kcl.ac.uk or djg1@st‐andrews.ac.uk (Ana de Medeiros, King’s College, London, and David Gascoigne, University of St Andrews, Scotland)

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