As the list and range of Marie Nimier’s published works continues to grow, her versatile, strongly contemporary literary voice is increasingly attracting the attention of readers and critics both in France and abroad, as this one-day international conference, following on the heels of a recent conference in Lyon, fully attests. A 2014 Paris conference on ‘Marie Nimier : absence et perte’ has borne fruit in the most substantial collective critical study so far, which we hope will be available in time for our colloquium. Since that conference, fresh voices, as we will hear, have joined the debate around the many fascinating issues raised in her work, and Nimier has published a new novel, La Plage, a highly thought-provoking narrative which three papers in our programme will address. To our delight, she has once again agreed to attend, and to offer us readings from that text, as well as some thoughts on her current projects. Her presence, and that opportunity for dialogue, will greatly enrich the day’s proceedings.

David and Ana would like to welcome all the participants and to warmly thank the IMLR and the Cassal Trust for hosting and supporting this day of analysis and discussion.