Managing your Time

This past week has been extremely busy and I realized that I happened to do the one thing that I have been avoiding and neglecting since I was born aka TIME MANAGEMENT. I have been wandering around the city with a book in my hands and whenever I have time, I scribble in some new notes about the things I need to do and when I need to do them by. Dn’t worry though, this lifestyle is totally optional!

How did I get here?
Besides your lectures (where attendance is mandatory for the most part), you can engage in a variety of other extracurricular activities.King’s College is home to a number of student-led societies. Sport clubs, business clubs, interest groups, religious groups and even political groups. At the beginning of each year every student is welcome to take a look at a sample of these at the so-called Fresher’s fair. Societies at Kings cover almost every aspect of interest you long for and they love having members. I personally am a member of three societies: Fencing Club, Business Club, and Czech and Slovak Society. But don’t worry as being a part of a society doesn’t mean adhering to super strict rules and mandatory attendance. They’re more of a hobby or a treat for yourself after a long week.

Another time-consuming activity is work. For those of you that want to make money for that extra bit of cash or just to get that feeling of being independent, this will be one of your agenda. The important thing to note is that getting a job doesn’t only require sending applications. You have to prepare for everything, starting from spending time on your CV and cover letter, to prepping for interviews to actually landing the job. There are different kinds of jobs available internally at Kings and externally as well. I myself work for King’s and my hours are quite flexible which works for me.
Also, if you want to work on your personal and career development, King’s offers a variety of choices that will help you reach your goals. You can find courses such as essay-writing courses, leadership and professional skills, CV reviews and computer literacy as well.
Did I forget anything? Yes! UNIVERSITY PREPARATION TIME! Coursework, tutorial work and everything else does not like to wait and is the only obligatory thing that you should focus your efforts on.

What I’m trying to say, in the end, is that everything that I’ve mentioned above (except university attendance and work) is optional. You can happily go out every other day or you may want to be super involved in different activities (which you can do) just make sure you can manage your time effectively so it doesn’t start affecting your coursework and your sleep!!


First Term Insights (E&M)

I bet many of you guys would like to know how are the exams and workload like in a university. How stressful it is, or how difficult tests are. Well, no worries, because I’m here to give you a brief insight of what it is like to be an economics and management student here at King’s (at least for the first semester).

Firstly, the pace of lectures and tutorials in the first semester is very manageable if students put in consistent effort in keeping up with them. Lectures are the time where we learn new concepts, and tutorials are times when we clarify and further reinforce those concepts. It is hence essential to complete assignments before tutorials so that students can get the most out of them. Personally, I will dedicate at least 2 hours for revision and assignments per day on a regular basis.

For someone who has done “Higher Mathematics” and “Economics” for A-levels, courses such as “Mathematics for Economist” and “Principles of Economics” are a breeze for me. This however, should be taken with a pinch of salt, as tests can be very tricky as they test the true understanding of concepts raised in lectures that many may overlook. “Accounting and Financial Management” and “Work, organization and society” courses on the other hand post greater challenges for me, as these are subjects that I have never come across before. Students who took “Business Studies” for A-levels or even IB, however, mentioned certain similarity between syllabuses.

snapchat_JH_web1-200x300Secondly, the tests that E&M students receive in their first semester here at King’s are relatively easy (just a personal opinion). Questions are similar to tutorials and past year papers, and what lecturers or tutors have explained before. So its really those individuals who put in that extra effort in taking note of important concepts or hints by tutors, and who make consistent effort in practicing these concepts, that will surpass their peers. So if you are the kind of person who will be taking down notes during lectures instead of snapchatting how boring lectures are, and someone who will plan ahead for his or her tests and essay assignments instead of cramping them up the day before, then you are pretty much set for succeeding in your first semester!