Misconceptions about Business Management

Around this time last year, while I was in my senior year of high school, application deadlines were just around the corner and I had to decide which university to go to and what course I wanted to pursue at the higher education level. I felt a little lost and I had considered the business route before but its not something I was sure of. When finalizing my course selection, I recall it being a really nerve-wrecking process. I remember asking myself  ‘Am I actually a business person?’ ‘Is this what I actually want to do?’”


If you find yourself undecided and you are considering the business management route, it is nothing to worry about. Business management is for both types of people, those who are decided and those who are undecided. The worst that could happen would be realising that you do not like it, change your course and do something else. The best outcome, however, would be to actually like it and end up with a job you love, which, to be fair, is very likely considering all the possibilities you will have.

I’ve come up with a few guidelines/misconceptions I had about business management at King’s and I’m hoping these are useful for you when you make your final selections:

1. I have no practical or theoretical knowledge of business, I will fail immediately.

What did I even think? You don’t necessarily need anything before starting a course at University, and I mean any course. Whether it is business management, biology, electrical engineering or philosophy. The reason why universities require some grades (ex. Biology for biology degree) is to find the aptitude and interest in the field, not the knowledge of it. First years of any course are introductory. Lecturers try to bring people from different backgrounds to the same level, starting from the basics and working up to the most complex concepts. Therefore, not choosing the degree you would like to study, just because you do not know too much about it was not an actual reason.

2. I have never been involved in any kind of business. I cannot even bargain, I am bound to fail.

University is not a stock market, you do not have to have any trait of a future successful manager. Studying management is basically learning the best practices in business.You will learn how to handle financial as well as human side of the business and you can then choose which part of business you want to actually focus on. I didn’t realize that business management is not only being a CEO of a corporation. It is much more. There are plenty of functions for every kind of personality and you can make it to different managerial positions in the sector that you choose. Some professional management consultants say that the managers are born not made but I have to say it is a very 21st century thought.

3. King’s is for nerds, I will not be able to keep up!

This was my biggest misconception so far. King’s is full of smart people indeed but by far they are not all nerds. Business management course, especially, is a diverse course when it comes to students. In my course, there are people with interests varying from banking, through football, to music. If you think you will just not be able to keep up, think about this course as one big team-work project. Some people are better at theoretical modules and others at numerical ones and the goal is to match ones with the others, hopefully in bigger groups, in order to create synergies. I am not as good with people studies (sociology and psychology) but happened to be a good friends with a girl, who loves psychology and she helped me with my despair. She, on the other hand, has problems with understanding finance and I helped her get a better grasp of the finance components. So its all about creatively solving problems and using the resources around you such as lecturers, students, libraries, tutors etc to help you overcome.

4. I do not want to work in business, but after graduating I will just have to find a boring corporate job… My life is going to suck!

I do not have to be in business at all. I can do whatever social science research in the future I want. I can carry on and do a Masters and a PhD. I could also use my undergraduate degree, get a job and build my career without any further academic progression. The beauty of the course is in the ease of selecting the future focus. I can be anything I want (except for natural scientist): a super successful banker, a statistician, a sociologist, depends solely on what I choose to do next.

I must say (a cheesy phrase again… I think I will have one in every blog post) that I was lucky when choosing business management at King’s. Business management undergraduate degree opens so many doors that you might be overwhelmed with choices. Yet, it provides insight into business areas, which makes it easier for you to choose. Since the last year of high school (2 years ago) I have significantly reduced the number of options I had in terms of career and actually feel like I know where I am going at the moment. So if you are considering a degree, do not hesitate. Business management all the way!!!

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