It’s a shame I’ve only blogged on here for a short time, but I hope you’ve enjoyed it! I’m finishing up my dissertation now (13 days to go!) and then I’ll be kicked out into the real world. It’s time to move house, say farewell to King’s and get started on my career.

It’s a scary time for students to graduate. There seem to be hundreds of other new grads all applying for the same jobs you are, and I find myself struggling to make my CV and cover letters stand out to employers. It isn’t easy, and at times it is disheartening.

This blog is mostly for prospective students so I can understand that this pressure isn’t on your mind yet, and it shouldn’t be! You’re about to start on a great chapter of your life where you’ll grow so much as a person and as a student (is it too clichéd to say that they are some of the best years of your life?). But eventually you’ll be in the same boat as I am now, and when you are I must say it’s reassuring to know that your diploma is coming from the Best University for Graduate Employment of 2012-13 (Sunday Times). King’s College London is a university that is respected and its graduates are sought after by employers. They know that King’s accepts the highest calibre of students in the first place, and that by the time those students graduate they’re at the top of what they’ve been studying. The reputation of the university you attend does matter to employers, and I’m glad I have King’s behind me vouching for my education and achievements.

Well, I guess this is it! I’ve really enjoyed writing this blog and wish it could carry on, but I’m sure they’ll find some great new student bloggers to share their unique King’s experiences with you. Who knows, maybe that person will be you?

Best Wishes!