I get by with a little help from my friends

I’m sorry I haven’t written in ages! With May came exams and essay deadlines followed with a (well deserved?) holiday. Now I’m back in London town just in time to enjoy summer with my friends.

Speaking of which, I wanted to talk a bit about the friends I’ve made since I started here. King’s is a very culturally diverse community. It has students from over 140 different countries, and the student body is made up of about 70% UK students, 11% other European Union and 18% from the rest of the world. My course of study has an international focus so the diversity of nationalities is even greater.

 When we all came to King’s it was a fresh start. For most, it was a new city and for many a new country. Because of this (and because they’re genuinely very nice people), everyone is really friendly, open and ready to try new things. The people you meet on your course will likely become some of your best friends. My favourite part about my year at King’s was meeting so many interesting, kind, and fun people and learning about their different cultures and how their lives are back home.

Group shot from Thanksgiving

A couple of weeks ago I was stuck in Spain after my passport was stolen (perhaps a topic for my next post?) and various friends from King’s got in touch with friends of theirs living in Madrid so that I would have some people to show me around and hang out with. I am so grateful to have met such good friends from so many different places.

The Girls at the Waterfront (Student Union) Bar and Restaurant

We’ve celebrated all of our birthdays together, shared a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, had a Christmas/ holiday meal in China town, a night of homemade sushi, and even taken trips to Edinburgh and the French Riviera. With everyone’s ambition and talent, I’m sure that I’ve made connections with people who are going to be leaders in the field in several years. But more than that, I’ve made lifelong friends (cue the “Awwws”).

Amazing homemade sushi!

Now the only problem is saving up enough money post-graduation to visit everyone in India, Greece, Russia, Germany, France, Romania, Belgium, China, Mexico…

In Nice, France on a post-exams holiday