Library Lazy Days

Welcome to my first KCL blog post!

I am currently at the library procrastinating… I mean studying, yeah, definitely no Facebook-ing or blog writing going on here. To be fair, it’s a Saturday so being here at all is a bit of an accomplishment.

King’s has tons of libraries. Really, I don’t even know where they all are, there are so many. I’m at the Weston Education Centre Library at the Denmark Hill campus. As a management student my classes are based at the Waterloo campus, but I live in a private flat right around the corner from Denmark Hill. That’s one great thing about King’s facilities; as a student you have access to all of them, even if it’s not where your school is. Also, King’s is a part of the University of London system so you have access to the (completely gorgeous) Senate House Library and all of its extensive online resources. With King’s internal desktop you can access all online resources from anywhere you have an internet connection and print from your own laptop to a KCL printer.

So, I was thinking that a good first post should be on something exciting and fun. Something that will make you all want to read my future posts. Something that will blow you all away. And then I landed on library facilities and services. I know, I know, almost too much fun to handle. But don’t worry; you won’t be spending all of your Saturdays in the library. The workload can get heavy, (you do want a world-class education, right?), but it’s completely manageable if you organise yourself well. I’ve noticed that King’s students tend to be a “work hard, play hard” sort of group. Students here are serious about their education, but definitely like to unwind at the student union’s Waterfront Bar or Tutu’s nightclub after a long study session.

Next post I promise to write about something fun… like getting handed priority tickets for any of iTV’s live audience shows. Just one of the many perks of being at King’s.

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