Deborah Bull: Universities should be integral to the success of the cities they call home

Last year, London was ranked the best university city in the world, and it’s not difficult to see why.

The concentration of expertise and opportunity, as well as the global networks that make up this great capital, create a remarkable environment for learning and research. London is both a living classroom and a laboratory for new ideas. It’s the rich mix of rounded, engaged graduates and innovative research that will help secure the capital’s health, wealth and continued success.

King’s, of London

It’s not surprising, then, that London is central to King’s strategic vision for the years leading up to the university’s 200th anniversary, in 2029. The future of King’s is interwoven with the future of London – as a place to live, work, learn and experience. King’s aspires to be of and not just in this capital city: we know that London is integral to King’s and King’s should be integral to London’s success.

Across all our nine faculties, we have some of the leading thinkers on issues affecting the city – from air quality to ageing, public health to wireless communications. A recent audit surfaced over 270 academics who are pursuing research and teaching on London as a scholarly subject. The study of this diverse and distinctive city and its key challenges underpins our commitment to ensuring King’s expertise has a tangible and transformative impact on London and its communities.

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