Springtime in London

After a long and grey winter, spring has finally arrived in London. The sun is shining more often than not, and the temperature hovers around twelve to twenty degrees Celsius. This is a beautiful time of the year in London, as the trees begin to bud, flowers bloom, and the city is rejuvenated with energy and vitality. One of the great things about living in the city during the months of spring is the free outdoor, and indoor, concerts that people can attend. For instance, a friend and I just went to a free classical music concert at a local church near our residence. It was a nice time out, we were able to listen to some great music, and were able take in the lovely atmosphere of the venue.

Spring is also the time that many university students have to write essays and exams. It is always a good idea to find a spot close to home where one can go over their work and soak up a bit of the much needed vitamin D. There are many green and open spaces in London that provide excellent places to relax for a few hours. You do not only have to go to the Royal Parks in order to experience the sights and sounds of London at this time of year. Sometimes it is better to find a small square, off a busy street, where you can take a bit of a breather. It is in these areas where one can usually learn new things about London’s past. Either way, walking around the city is a nice way to spend some downtime and enjoy springtime in London.

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