The Importance of Forming Bonds with Your Roommates

Moving to a new country and not knowing anybody can be quite daunting, that is why I decided to apply for first year accommodation through King’s College London. I would have the chance to meet new people and hopefully explore new cultures in the process; all the while still trying to figure out how to navigate in and around London.  I was successfully placed with three other female students in September and have been having a wonderful time getting to know each one of them. I cannot stress enough the benefits of living with other students in your first year of studies.

It can be very isolating if you do not try and attempt to introduce yourself to the roommates who will be living in the same quarters as you for the next year. Planning social events like going to see a movie, exploring museums, cafes, or attending a theatre production gives you the opportunity to take a break from your studies and learn a bit more about the people that you are living with.  Roommates offer you encouragement during times of stress and provide opportunities for lots of laughs. It is during these moments that true friendships are formed between roommates. As students themselves, they can relate to many of the challenges that you can face when attending university (i.e. trying to find your way around campus, logging into the campus computer system, or where to find the best place to study in the library).

During your first year of residence I dare you to get to learn about the people living in your flat. You might be surprised about what you discover!

I was very excited to learn about the cultural traditions of the Chinese New Year. My first attempt at making Chinese dumplings was a great success, all thanks to the instructions I received from two of my roommates and new friends.

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