Hello from CTLS!

Hello everyone- my name is Katharina Rogozina and I am spending my third year at the Centre for Transnational Legal Studies (CTLS) in Holborn, London! Settling in: Having studied at King’s for the first two year of my LLB degree, studying at CTLS’s campus near Chancery Lane was not much of an adjustment location wise.… More Hello from CTLS!

Autumn in Leiden

            A word of warning! The first few weeks in a new country are expensive. No matter how well you’ve budgeted and how much money you’ve put aside, obstacles will come and they will be relentless. It’s important to not let this get to you but also to not become… More Autumn in Leiden

Autumn in Bologna

Buongiorno! I’m Ana, I’ve just started my third year abroad at the University of Bologna, in Italy. Moving and getting everything sorted has been hectic, especially when dealing with Italian administration, but I’m finally settled in! I was really lucky to get a nice flat, just 10 minutes from the centre, with a landlord who… More Autumn in Bologna