Exams in Bologna

Recently my day-to-day life here in Bologna has been a little less exciting, consisting mainly of studying at Sala Borsa, the beautiful public library, with intermittent breaks to meet friends for caffè, pizza, or a piadina. Now that I’ve finished my exams, however, it is the perfect time to talk about the academic aspect of… More Exams in Bologna

Italian Culture (by which I mean food)

It’s November and snowing, and any illusions I had about Italian weather have been shattered. It’s winter now, and with the gloomy weather, the reality of exams and essays has hit – in Bologna, modules change each semester, so I have exams each semester too. Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to resuming the more chilled #erasmuslife… More Italian Culture (by which I mean food)

Autumn in Leiden

            A word of warning! The first few weeks in a new country are expensive. No matter how well you’ve budgeted and how much money you’ve put aside, obstacles will come and they will be relentless. It’s important to not let this get to you but also to not become… More Autumn in Leiden

Autumn in Bologna

Buongiorno! I’m Ana, I’ve just started my third year abroad at the University of Bologna, in Italy. Moving and getting everything sorted has been hectic, especially when dealing with Italian administration, but I’m finally settled in! I was really lucky to get a nice flat, just 10 minutes from the centre, with a landlord who… More Autumn in Bologna

September in Berlin

Hi, my name is Anne, and I’m a student on the Anglo-German degree. As part of the course, I am spending my 3rd year at Humboldt-Universität Berlin. I think us Germany-bound students had the longest summer –  after finishing our King’s exams in May, a long summer stretched out before us and we don’t start… More September in Berlin

Moving to Leiden

The run up to leaving London was a mess. I was calling SFE every day, frantically room-hunting until 2 weeks before I left, and neglecting my daily reminders from duolingo. I arrived the night before orientation week started- I couldn’t have left things more to the last minute. I’m living far from Leiden, however I met… More Moving to Leiden