Thanksgiving and a Trip to LA!

Hi all! In this post I will be talking about fall break and my first ever American Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a huge holiday in America, celebrated to give thanks for family and friends. Luckily I had family friends close by who invited Remi and myself for a proper American thanksgiving feast. I did not have many expectations although I thought it would be similar to a Christmas dinner. Oh how wrong was I! Thanksgiving dinner was an absolute feast. The meal started with traditional carving of the turkey (which had been roasting for seven hours!). Next was a buffet of mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, sweet potato bake, sautéed green beans and stuffing. When I thought I couldn’t get any fuller, an array of deserts was served, my favourite being pumpkin pie. After an incredible dinner, we then watched the historic, annual thanksgiving parade hosted in New York, which is televised every year. It was a lovely way to end a great, and very delicious day!

After thanksgiving was over, I decided to use the rest of fall break to do some travelling and explore America. Since LA is only a two to three hour drive from San Diego, my friends and I decided to take a weekend break and see some of the Hollywood sights. We also stopped off at Disney Land on the way back to San Diego, which was extremely fun and I would definitely recommend going if you are visiting California. Whilst in LA, we went to the Hollywood sign and Griffith observatory, the walk of fame and Universal Studios walk. Living in San Diego gives you so many opportunities to travel within California cheaply and easily, and next semester we are planning a trip to San Francisco.

IMG_7032 IMG_7357

Once fall break was over it was time to start focusing on finals. My final exams begin in a week’s time and it has been pretty stressful preparing for them. Unlike the modules I took at Kings, my classes at USD are split into two semesters, so for the first time ever I have exams at Christmas. Whilst I am not used to having to study and work hard at this time of year, it has eased a lot of pressure knowing that half of my grade will be completed by the time Christmas break comes around. Another thing that is different here compared to university at home is the format and style of exams. At USD most of my exams have a multiple choice section and each exam is sat inside the class room and seems much more informal compared to sitting exams in the huge exam hall at Kings. Also our exam period only lasts for two weeks so the stress and pressure of exams is over pretty quickly! Once finals are over I am very excited for winter break. I love it in San Diego so much that my family are coming to visit over Christmas. I am definitely looking forward to skipping out on a cold Christmas and enjoying Christmas day here on the beach!


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