Hello from CTLS!

Hello everyone- my name is Katharina Rogozina and I am spending my third year at the Centre for Transnational Legal Studies (CTLS) in Holborn, London!

Settling in:

Having studied at King’s for the first two year of my LLB degree, studying at CTLS’s campus near Chancery Lane was not much of an adjustment location wise. The campus is split between three locations- Swan House on Chancery Lane, Russell Square and Lincoln’s Inn fields.

The programme itself is very different from law degree that I experienced at KCL. CTLS is primary a Georgetown University law programme, but it is composed of students from 11 different countries. The interesting part is that all the professors come from the same home universities as the students- and this has led to some insightful discussions.


CTLS’s classes are based on transnational, international and comparative law issues.  The teaching itself is based on the Socratic method- which basically encourages students to be activate participants in discussions. This is not necessarily a bad thing- it only means that all the readings need to be done before class!

Following Georgetown’s curriculum as a base for CTLS’s means that in our core classes (which happen twice a week) we need to be “on call” at least once a month and submit a response paper. In addition, twice a month we have “Colloquium” classes- which are discussions on transnational topics. The discussions have centred around some very interesting topics- such as issues on what standing should be afforded to non-humans (i.e. both animals and forests) as well as the legal basis for wartime killing of civilians.

In addition to the Core classes, I am also taking a number of electives this semester- specifically International Investment Arbitration (which is a sub-facet of International Arbitration), Foreign Relations Law and Competition Law. Interestingly, these classes are not taught into the traditional lecture structure- instead of the professors teaching the students the class is structured as a discussion where the students are asked to share their opinions on the readings and topics in general.

CTLS Socials:

International Potluck Dinner

Being a diverse class group we decided to organise an International Dinner where we would all bring home cooked dishes for all of us to try the traditional dishes from countries such as Israel, Canada, Singapore and many others. To say that the dinner was delicious would be an understatement- we had pizza, pies, snacks and tasty Swiss cheese fondue.

22528029_10210120958845025_6290438459172689298_n22528174_10210120958685021_4840326592461261038_nWhere’s Waldo Pub Crawl

In the typical English tradition of Pub Crawl- the CTLS students decided to have their own. For some reason, we decided to have a “Where’s Waldo” themed Pub Crawl- which meant that everyone showed up dressed as Waldo.

22089695_10155547107895999_883618947888910385_nIf you have any question or would like to suggest something that you would like me to discuss in future posts, let me know at katharina.rogozhina@kcl.ac.uk





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