Careers at King’s: An international perspective

LLM studentCareer prospects is one of the biggest motivating factors to pursue studies in the UK for international students. I was no different. When I joined KCL for my LLM, I had spared a thought about the kind of career prospects that King’s would provide me at the conclusion of my course.

Whilst I was open to any kind of jobs, many students come here searching for a particular kind of job opportunities, be it law firms, bar or corporates in the legal field. But there also goes a lot of preparation in looking for such opportunities. Research is a key element in understanding the UK legal career market and what it offers. To be honest, the competition for jobs in UK for both British Nationals and International students (including EU nationals) has risen quite high in these years. You must be mentally prepared to know that doing a degree here (be it graduate or postgraduate) does not guarantee a job here. As I mentioned before, you have to work hard to secure a job here or elsewhere with the opportunities you get. Continue reading “Careers at King’s: An international perspective”

Rise and grind: career choices and empowering you to succeed

Law Undergraduate at King'sWhile all of us have specific reasons for studying law, whether they include making an impact in someone’s life thanks to our skills, participating in transformative business decisions, or earning seven-figure digits as a Partner, the road towards achieving our career goals may seem never-ending and full of obstacles. Luckily, at King’s College London, you are supported in your career choice and empowered to succeed.

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