Careers at King’s: An international perspective

LLM studentCareer prospects is one of the biggest motivating factors to pursue studies in the UK for international students. I was no different. When I joined KCL for my LLM, I had spared a thought about the kind of career prospects that King’s would provide me at the conclusion of my course.

Whilst I was open to any kind of jobs, many students come here searching for a particular kind of job opportunities, be it law firms, bar or corporates in the legal field. But there also goes a lot of preparation in looking for such opportunities. Research is a key element in understanding the UK legal career market and what it offers. To be honest, the competition for jobs in UK for both British Nationals and International students (including EU nationals) has risen quite high in these years. You must be mentally prepared to know that doing a degree here (be it graduate or postgraduate) does not guarantee a job here. As I mentioned before, you have to work hard to secure a job here or elsewhere with the opportunities you get.

And here is where King’s CareerConnect help you. They are a part of the Student Services solely with the purpose of helping students with job opportunities in the UK and abroad. They have a team of legal career counsellors to help you in understanding the job application procedure. KCL being an international university, employers from many other countries like China, Singapore, Switzerland, India etc look for prospective candidates here. These opportunities are brought to you by King’s CareerConnect’s website and mail updates (if you have subscribed to them). Not only that, they also hold fairs throughout the year pertaining to the field you belong to. For example, there was a Career fair at the beginning of the academic year and a Law fair a month after, consisting of all the top-notch legal employers in UK.

All you have to do is sign up to their updates and monitor their website regularly for job opportunities once you have got your KCL mail credentials in place. It would also be beneficial to look up the law firms, companies or any other opportunities that you are interested in during the first few weeks of your settling down phase. It is important that you start this process early in the academic year. Also, seek an appointment with the career counsellors, they are here to assist you. Above all, remember, you are not alone, there are people to help you and compete with you.

Additionally, the faculty members are also supportive regarding career prospects. For example, there are regular guest lectures conducted in certain modules, wherein professionals from the field interact with the students. These opportunities prove to be great not only for knowledge but also for building your network.

In conclusion, do your research, seek assistance of the right people, ask around for help to make your application the one your prospective employer is looking for. And above all, keep an open mind!

All the best!

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