Careers at King’s: Support and guidance

Medical Law Postgraduate at King'sWhatever stage of your career you’re at, King’s Careers and Employability can support you. The first port of call is the online portal which allows you to browse job and internship opportunities (including bespoke internship programmes exclusively for King’s students!), register for careers events and book appointments with a careers consultant. There are so many opportunities and events on offer that you will almost certainly find something useful and interesting to you. Make sure you sign up to the email alerts to receive tailored suggestions every day! I have attended a careers event on undertaking a PhD and an academic career, which was both informative and inspiring. There are also variety of appointment types available to suit your needs. For example, Practice Interviews (to receive feedback on your interview performance) and Careers Guidance Appointments (to discuss careers more generally). When I was applying for my PhD, I booked an Application Advice Appointment to have my CV checked. I went to the Strand Careers Centre for a face to face meeting with a friendly careers consultant who was able to provide some invaluable advice on how to improve the structure of my CV. The careers consultant was also able to suggest other events and websites I might find useful. Continue reading

Careers at King’s: An international perspective

LLM studentCareer prospects is one of the biggest motivating factors to pursue studies in the UK for international students. I was no different. When I joined KCL for my LLM, I had spared a thought about the kind of career prospects that King’s would provide me at the conclusion of my course.

Whilst I was open to any kind of jobs, many students come here searching for a particular kind of job opportunities, be it law firms, bar or corporates in the legal field. But there also goes a lot of preparation in looking for such opportunities. Research is a key element in understanding the UK legal career market and what it offers. To be honest, the competition for jobs in UK for both British Nationals and International students (including EU nationals) has risen quite high in these years. You must be mentally prepared to know that doing a degree here (be it graduate or postgraduate) does not guarantee a job here. As I mentioned before, you have to work hard to secure a job here or elsewhere with the opportunities you get. Continue reading

Rise and grind: career choices and empowering you to succeed

Law Undergraduate at King'sWhile all of us have specific reasons for studying law, whether they include making an impact in someone’s life thanks to our skills, participating in transformative business decisions, or earning seven-figure digits as a Partner, the road towards achieving our career goals may seem never-ending and full of obstacles. Luckily, at King’s College London, you are supported in your career choice and empowered to succeed.

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Why I chose to study an LLM at King’s

LLM studentI am currently pursuing my Master of Laws (LLM) in Intellectual Property and Information Law (IPIL) pathway. King’s offers eight pathways, consisting of different modules and IPIL is one such pathway. My interest area is Intellectual property, which was the prime motivation for me to take up general modules in this pathway. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I came to KCL. They offer modules that are not just the regular ones but also very relevant to the current climate. For instance, the emphasis on Information law is great here, to which there are many modules offered pertaining to that arm of IPIL. There are also modules offered on AI. Continue reading

Why I chose to study Medical Law at King’s

Medical Law Postgraduate at King's

I am currently undertaking the Medical Law MA. The course focuses on the legal questions that arise within the context of medicine, and provides the opportunity to engage with fascinating debates around issues such as abortion, assisted dying and organ donation. I wanted to study this area of law because the issues involved also raise interesting political, economic and ethical concerns that the law must take into account. I had the opportunity to consider some of these ethical concerns in more detail as part of an elective module in ‘Moral Theory and Medical Ethics’. If ethics is something you are particularly interested in, King’s also offers a Medical Ethics & Law MA. There is also a very human element to the issues raised within Medical Law that makes the area so compelling. Medical law is also an interesting area to study because many of the issues are currently live. For example, the Charlie Gard case attracted worldwide media attention in 2017.

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Deciding to commute to university

Medical Law Postgraduate at King's

I commute by train to university from Portsmouth on the south coast. I hope that sharing my experience will help if you are considering commuting next year. Even if you plan to live in London, you will inevitably have to travel at some point. Helpfully, London has a brilliant public transport network and so it’s really easy to get around the city.

My journey is quite a long one, but I have found there are a number of benefits to commuting to university. Firstly, I have saved money by living at home. Train tickets aren’t cheap, but I do avoid the cost of living in the Capital. Although living in London can be expensive, there are a variety of accommodation options to suit all budgets so don’t be put off by this! Secondly, I have all my home comforts, friends and family around me. However, you will meet new friends at university, and today family members are only a Skype call away! Finally, I actually get a lot done on the train! A couple of hours with no distractions means I can do some reading, or complete day-to-day administrative tasks like replying to emails. Continue reading

Life at KCL – an International Student’s perspective

LLM studentHaving lived in India all my life, my first international trip was for my LLM course at KCL and I am absolutely delighted at how it has turned out. As an international student, there may be many doubts and fears about how this experience would be. But if you know what to expect, you can enjoy what the institution and the city offers.

Here is a checklist of details that you should know while you are here: Continue reading

A day in the life: Agnese, Law undergraduate at King’s

Law Undergraduate at King'sWhen you hear how active, friendly and diverse King’s community is, it may seem like a standardised promotional phrase. However, at Dickson Poon School of Law, the lectures, tutorials, activities and the campus itself are designed to foster participation and a friendly environment.

My day usually starts with a 9am two-hour lecture. Lectures give students like me the chance to participate in class-wide discussions and to ask questions directly to the lecturer. The multi-cultural environment at King’s makes such discussions even more interesting, especially when they regard topics as Criminal Law. The approachability of our lecturers allow for the continuation of such debates in their office hours, where students can discuss with them any interesting point in the curriculum or any doubts they may have. During your law studies at King’s you will always be encouraged to explore your academic interests in the disciplines you are studying and you will be supported by all staff in finding suitable materials and opportunities. Continue reading