Call for Papers from ‘Inside Practice’

Do you practice commercial, competition and/or financial law?  Enthusiastic about sharing your experience and connecting with students, future trainees and future pupils?

KSLR Commercial and Financial Law Blog.


The KSLR Commercial and Financial Law Blog is a student-run blog, part of the King’s College London Law Review. We publish articles written by a range of authors, and now intend to open this to professional lawyers in practice who wish to connect with an academic audience. It’s a great way to get yourself, as well as your firm or chambers, known to a large body of students – many of whom will be applying for an internship, training contract, pupillage or mini pupillage.
We are now accepting posts between 500-2,000 words which fulfils our criteria:


  • Submissions relating to commercial, competition and financial law – this can be in the form of an Article, Case Comment, Book Review or Featured Presentation.
  • Submissions relating to current or topical issues are desirable.
  • Submission needs to be targeted to our audience, who are students, professionals and academics.
  • Plagiarised or inaccurate articles will be rejected.


If you have any further questions about submissions, please contact: for more details.


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