Guidelines for Contributors

The scope of our blog is broad, as we aim to publish the best of legal scholarship within the broad area of commercial and financial law. As such, we welcome submissions relating to corporate law, financial law, governance and regulatory issues, tax law, intellectual property law, banking law, investment law and competition law.

Posts must be between 500-2,500 words in length (including footnotes). Posts which are longer than 2,500 words will not be considered for publication. We encourage those interested in writing longer contributions to consider submitting to the King’s Student Law Review Journal.

Posts must include hyperlinks to relevant legal sources and background information, including any judgments, laws, treaties or other legal texts which are mentioned. Hyperlinks must link only to legal or respected news sources. The Editors make the final decision over what constitutes a respectable source. If your sources cannot be accessed online, please reference using OSCOLA. Please note that you should use single quotation marks, with double quotation marks used only for quotes within quotes. Italicise foreign words and phrases, unless these are commonly used in legal English, such as ‘bona fide’ or ‘a priori’.

Posts should be clear and concise, leaving out excessive jargon and verbiage. Posts which are submitted must be fully proofread and must conform to good legal academic style as our core focus is on legal analysis.

Posts should have informative titles from which a reader can tell what the post is about and should reflect original, unpublished work. Cross-posting or publication on other platforms is permissible only:

  • Provided that the author acknowledges first publication in the KSLR Commerical and Financial Law Blog;
  • With the permission of the Editors; and
  • A minimum of 48 hours after the post has been published on the KSLR Commercial and Financial Law Blog.

Please send all submissions to

We thank our contributors in advance for adhering to these guidelines, which help us maintain our high standards and ensure the KSRL Commercial and Financial Law Blog is a space where authors can get their ideas out to a wide audience!

The KSLR Commercial and Financial Law Editorial Board