The King’s Student Law Review are pleased to announce a number of partnerships and projects with affiliates:

Affiliated Academic Blogs

The King’s Student Law Review are also affiliated with the following two online academic blogs. These affiliated academic blogs seek to render an in-depth exploration of topics in specific areas of law. The affiliated publications maybe found at the links below:

The King’s Student Law Review’s Joint Publication with Strife : 

Strife is a biannual, peer-reviewed academic periodical publication created and managed by young researchers from the Department of War Studies, King’s College London. As the two-leading student-led peer-reviewed academic journals at King’s College London, the King’s Student Law Review and Strife are pleased to announce the joint publication of a special edition under the overarching theme of ‘Law and War’.

This joint edition is published on an annual basis, click here to see our inaugural first issue. Our next ‘Call for Papers’ shall be launched in March 2019.

Submissions for this joint publication must be relevant to the subjects that relate to the intersection between ‘Law and War’. This overarching theme encompasses a vast range of topics such as challenging the effectiveness of “Jus in bello” in light of the war on terror, “rogue states”, the historical origins of the laws of conventional warfare, and the legality of Private Military Companies and the effectiveness of Nuclear Arms Control and Non-Proliferation agreements and treaties. Click here for Submission Guidelines.


The King’s Student Law Review’s Partnership with Trinity College Law Review.


The Trinity College Law Review (TCLR) is Ireland’s oldest and leading student-edited law journal. Now over 20 years old, the TCLR exclusively publishes articles by law students at all stages of their academic career. The TCLR publishes a print edition once a year and is listed on HeinOnline and Westlaw IE. For more information, please consult their Submissions page, like their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.

Follow the KSLR on Twitter for more updates as the KSLR TCLR relationship develops.