Is the UK losing 3 out of 4 European human rights cases?

A report by Robert Broadhurst, a Parliamentary legal researcher, suggests that the UK loses three-quarters of all the cases that go to Strasbourg Court. The group of Tory Mps that have commissioned this study have seen in these figures clear signs of a need “to end rule by judges and reinstate Parliamentary democracy”. However, this report can be misleading because of all the claims brought before the Court against the UK, only 3% made it to full hearings(1). This is mainly due to the “manifestly unfounded” test, which filters the cases brought before the ECtHR. As every claim rejected as unfounded was, in reality, a victory for the UK are British laws really under “attack” by Strasbourg’s unelected judges?
(1)(source: ECtHR report, available online at )

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