UK Court of Appeal unanimously rejects the challenge of the eviction order of St Paul’s Cathedral

On 22nd February 2012, in the case of The Mayor Commonality and Citizens of London v Tammy Samede EWCA Civ 160, the UK’s Court of Appeal unanimously rejected the protestors’ appeal, upholding the eviction order by Mr. Justice Lindbolm, which will put an end to the protestors’ camp that has been located in the St Paul’s Cathedral churchyard in London since 15th October 2011. On 18th January 2012, in the original High Court ruling, Mr. Justice Lindbolm ruled that the camp should be removed “in the interest of public health and public safety and prevention of disorder and crime.” The protestors claimed that the eviction violated their rights under the European Convention on Human Rights, specifically Article 10 on the right to freedom of expression and Article 11 on the right to freedom of assembly. Mr. Justice Lindbolm indicated that the protestors’ occupation of St. Paul’s Cathedral prohibited others from enjoying their Article 9 right to worship as they choose. The Court of Appeal said that the protestors did not bring forward an arguable case raising a point of appeal, and so their appeal was consequently rejected.

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