Is Syria a US enemy or an ally in the war of terror?

In the last month, the brutality of the Bashar al-Assad regime has been denounced by several Western democracies and international organizations. The US also condemns the Syrian regime for its crimes against humanity. As Mehdi Hasan points out in his article in the Guardian 19 February 2012, it is hard not to notice the difference in the US’s approach toward Syria in the months and years after 9/11. Torture cases like the ones of Maher Arar (a Canadian citizen rendered to Syria in October 2002 by US authorities) and Mohammed Haydar Zammar (a Syrian-born German citizen arrested in Morocco in October 2001 and rendered by the CIA to Syria) have showed the other side of the US-Syria relationship. These cases seem to suggest that despite criticism of the Syrian regime, the US has collaborated closely with them in order to interrogate terrorist suspects by using brutal methods.

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