King’s Collaborator Locator

The King’s Collaborator Locator (KoLo) project is aimed at developing a web application to connect researchers, academics and staff with similar research interests. KoLo is led by Dr K. Faith Lawrence (Department of Digital Humanities/Department of Liberal Arts), Dr Arna van Engelen (Department of Biomedical Engineering and Dr Alan Brailsford (Department of Pharmacy and Forensic Science).

As a large and multidisciplinary institution, King’s College hosts a wealth of knowledge, expertise, tools and equipment. While making it an ideal environment for research, especially interdisciplinary research, the large scale of the university and the vast array of disparate expertise makes it very challenging to find like-minded people and establish collaboration across faculties and campuses. The goal of KoLo is to help establish such connections.

Users will have the opportunity to create a lightweight profile, linking back to PURE, in which they can specify their particular areas of interest or equipment they can be contacted about. As well as suggesting general matches, users will have the opportunity to enter the desired characteristics of potential collaborators or existing research resources that they are looking for and KoLo will try and find matches for their needs.

The KoLo web application, accessible via both desktop and mobile, will be developed by the King’s Digital Lab, in conjunction with student interns and will be tested by a limited multi-faculty group of volunteers with the aim of eventually launching the application university-wide.

The KoLo project is funded by the Centre for Research Staff Development (CRSD), the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and the Department of Digital Humanities.

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