There are countless reasons why I would recommend studying abroad at King’s; the university itself offers great academic opportunities and London is a wonderful city. As I consider my time at King’s I kept thinking about other programs that I considered and while each offers its own benefits, I think that my experience at King’s was incomparable and truthfully, life-changing. In terms of my studies, the courses I took through the Theology department allowed me to analyze religion through traditional doctrine, which varies greatly from the more contemporary courses I’ve taken at WashU, however, I gained the ability to better grasp concepts within apologetics and I’ve discovered interests I didn’t even know I had. The courses I took for my American Culture Studies major were also fascinating and forced me to confront personal opinions and having additional insights have increased my ability to communicate and understand those with differing opinions.

My experiences outside of the classroom have also shaped me, being in an environment like King’s College made me introspective.

The academic system varies here, majors and minors are different in the states, careers are, etc. and it gave me a lot to consider. I stopped to think about the World around me and how all of us will contribute to it, I thought about my career and how my interactions with people from countless countries and races would expand my comprehension of spaces around me. As I enjoy my last few weeks in London I can’t help but reflect on all of the special moments I’ve had here, from late night conversations with friends on the couches in the Stamford Street lobby to exploring London and drinks at the King’s Guy’s Bar; my time in London has been more meaningful than I can articulate and I would highly encourage anyone considering it to attend King’s for a term abroad!

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