Here are some videos that we have recorded in the lab, showing us doing some of the measurements we use in research.

Professor Moxham (who set up the lab) was given a lifetime achievement award by the European Respiratory Society in 2012.  They asked him to produce a short video of him in his laboratory, so here he is making some measurements of the breathing muscles.  Vicky is sitting in the chair and Caroline is holding the mouthpiece.  The video was designed to be watched by other researchers so Professor Moxham uses lots of scientific words – sorry about that!  Hopefully it’s still interesting to see how we do some of our measurements.


This is a video showing how we measure the activity of the breathing muscles, using a technique called electromyography, or EMG.  We use this measurement in lots of our research studies.  The stickers on Jan’s chest are picking up the tiny amount of electricity that his breathing muscles make as they work.


This video shows Vicky doing an exercise test while having measurements made of her breathing and leg muscles.  Exercise is a really important treatment for lots of lung diseases, so we do a lot of cycling and running projects so that we understand how the body behaves during exercise, and how we can perhaps help people to exercise better when they have lung disease.


This video was made with the help of Kathryn and Ellen, who have helped us many times before with different projects.  In this video they explain some of the tests we use in our research with children.  We hope that this video will help people understand what they might do if they volunteer to help us with a project.



Maryam and Asha from our Student Advisory Panel produced this video showing many of the techniques we use regularly in the lab.  In this particular study, we are using these measurements to investigate the relationship between blood flow to the brain and fatigue in the respiratory muscles.

Vicky’s a bit of a keen knitter, and for Physiology Friday 2015 she knitted a set of lungs.  With a bit of help from Alan, she brought them to life!

Two of our Student Panel members, Ibtissam and Deeqa, filmed a study we did in collaboration with the Centre of Human and Aerospace Physiological Sciences at King’s College London, looking at how a suit designed to counteract some of the problems caused by microgravity affects the respiratory system.

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