A belated introduction to Manuel!

We have a not-so-new researcher in the lab – just a bit late introducing him to the readership…  Manuel is an engineer from Barcelona, who has joined us for a year with the support of a fellowship grant from the European Respiratory Society.  Manuel and his colleagues in Barcelona have a huge amount of expertise in analysing biological signals, and so Manuel is going to be working on new ways that we can process and analyse the data that we obtain in our studies.  Ultimately, this could mean that we will be able to extract much more information from every study we do, and extract it more quickly – what’s not to like about that?  Manuel arrived in December and has already done some very impressive work, not least sorting out the crazy number of wires he needs to connect up all of the many, many pieces of equipment he uses.  There’s some pretty serious maths and physics in what he does, so there may be an explanatory blog post to come…

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