It’s Biology Week 2015!

This week is Biology Week, ending on Friday with Physiology Friday, so there will be a post each day throughout the week to keep your biological interest piqued!  Today’s post is a link to the radio programme that a colleague of ours featured on recently. Dr David Green is a senior lecturer in the Centre of Human & Aerospace Physiological Sciences at King’s College London.  Dr Green’s research is about how the body adapts to change, including in extreme environments, ageing, sport and disease, and what can be done to help this.  Dr Green does a lot of work related to space travel and what happens to astronauts both in space and when they return to earth.  He also runs the Space Physiology & Health Masters course – you will see the students from this course featuring in our Friday Physiology Facts throughout this term.  We think his research is pretty cool!  On this radio programme, he talks about what kind of people are physically and mentally suited to going into space.  If you’re a budding astronaut, make notes!

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