Democracy time!

After our first Student Advisory Panel meeting, we mentioned that we were going to develop a logo for the blog and our Facebook and Twitter.  A brilliant guy called Lee Taniwha has designed these for us. Lee spent a bit of time a few years ago on the receiving end of Vicky’s physio talents (he might have called it bullying at the time – physios make people work pretty hard).  He’s now a graphic designer ( and has kindly donated his time and fantastic skills to help us out by designing this selection of logos.

We now need you to vote for your favourite!  Either leave a comment on here saying which number (1-5) you like best, or go onto Facebook and like the one you think is the best.  We will collect all of the votes from here, Facebook, Twitter and from asking around the less technically-literate people in the lab, and we will announce the winner at our next Student Advisory Panel meeting on 25th June.  The winning logo will be used at the top of the blog and as our banner photo on Facebook and Twitter.  

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