My Yearly Breathing Bonanza

Hello my name is Emily and I’m 9 years old.

I come here to help the researchers  with their projects by letting them experiment with my breathing. This is my fourth time here. Sometimes I think I’m going to be bored, but when I get here there is always something to do! I’ve started to learn what traces (squiggly lines on the computer) mean.

The researchers test my  breathing by using: Emilysticky stickers, masks and cubicles (I’m sitting in one in the picture). Every year they change subjects but the thing that stays the same is breathing.

It’s all for a good cause because it helps people who have problems with their  breathing.

2 thoughts on “My Yearly Breathing Bonanza

  1. A big thank you to Emily and Louise for coming up to us today and for all your hard work. You were both brilliant! 🙂

  2. Emily wrote this post all on her own and it is great to hear what she thinks of coming in to help with our research. She’s been fantastic at doing some quite complicated studies, and is always willing and keen to help us. It was great to talk to her today and hear what she has learnt from her time in the lab – she’s almost a scientist already at only 9 years old, as she understands the recordings we get. Emily told me that she understands the heart beat, the muscle activity and the interference we get from arm and shoulder muscles when we are making measurements of the breathing muscles with the stickers. She also understands how the chest and arm bones and muscles are connected and work together – so coming here has been a great set of science lessons too! Thanks Emily!

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