The Student Advisory Panel meets for the first time

Student meetingThe student advisory panel is 16 students from various London schools who attended a conference at King’s College London today.  Panel members discussed the ongoing partnership to develop the laboratory public engagement strategy.  The students had fantastic suggestions about our social media presence, blog content, as well as their career aspirations and what they’d like to know about research.  They also gained an insight into research careers.  The long-term aim of the Panel is to improve the blog’s user interface, content and style.  The first step on the road to change is a new “King’s Muscle Lab” logo, which will be designed by students from the schools involved – we are waiting for students to pitch their ideas!  Other students are also going to assist with filming laboratory experiments and writing posts.

The Panel will meet again in late June, and hopefully every three months after that.

WePhySoc_Masterlogo_RGB would like to acknowledge the generous financial support we received from the Biomedical Research Centre and The Physiological Society for this meeting.

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