Ellen tells us about doing Lorna’s study

I came all the way from Bedford to London to help Lorna with her study.  I had to breathe through a tube attached to a machine and have a nosepeg on my nose.  The machine made it harder to breathe sometimes, and I had to point to some pictures to tell Lorna how hard or easy it felt.  A computer measured my heartbeat and my breathing muscles, and how much air I breathed in and out.  It took about two hours and I had to concentrate lots.  After that, I went into a machine that was like a big see-through Tardis!  When I was in that machine, I had to breathe in and out and do big breaths while a different computer measured how big my breaths were.  At the end, I had to fill in a questionnaire about my asthma.  I also helped Lorna and Vicky decide what pictures were better than others to use to describe how hard or easy it was to breathe.

I was a little bit worried before we started and I didn’t really understand what I was going to do, but once we started it was quite easy.  If I was talking to another child who was thinking about doing the study, I would say not to be nervous because there will be one or two people with you all the time to explain what you need to do.  My advice is to always keep relaxed!

Ellen, aged 8 (nearly 9).

1 thought on “Ellen tells us about doing Lorna’s study

  1. Thank you Ellen for writing about doing Lorna’s study! You were brilliant at it. We are very grateful for your hard work and your advice about how we should do the study with other children. Happy birthday for Thursday!

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