It’s Biology Week!

This week is Biology Week, ending on Friday with Physiology Friday!  There are lots of events happening in schools, universities and public places around the country to demonstrate how the body works and to show off the research that physiologists do.  You can look on the Physiological Society website to find out about some of these events.

Lung cakeAs part of Biology Week, the Physiological Society are running a baking competition, asking people to create cakes and biscuits that show something about how the body works.  If you’re on Twitter, search for the hashtag #BioBakes and see the creations – some of them are amazing!  Vicky has entered the competition with this “Lung Cake”.  What do you think?  Let us know by leaving a comment!


2 thoughts on “It’s Biology Week!

  1. That’s is amazing Vicky! Have you thought about entering the Great British Bake Off. Though the girls think the veins make it look slightly unappetising 🙂 Good luck.

    • Thanks guys! Think I’d need a bit of practice before entering the Bake Off – it turns out to be very stressful making shaped cakes. We ate the cake yesterday in the office and even the veins were tasty (though I agree it does look a bit gruesome).

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