A fantastic joint project with Asthma UK

We recently posted on here that we were doing a survey where we wanted to hear from parents of young children with asthma.  We worked with the charity Asthma UK on this project and they were kind enough to post the survey on their Twitter and Facebook asthmaUK_RGB_72dpi_8xpages.  We were thrilled to see well over 200 people complete the survey in just one week!  The information from the survey is really useful in helping us consider what areas to concentrate our research on in the future, which was the main aim of the survey at the start.  It’s very important to us that we do research that deals with real problems that affect real people, rather than things we as scientists have just decided are interesting to look at.  This process of asking patients and their families about what is important to them and how they think we should do our research is called Patient and Public Involvement, or PPI.

The results of the survey have also shown us very clearly how frightening it can be for parents to have a young child who has asthma or a wheezing illness.  We think it’s really important for the doctors, nurses and other healthcare staff to understand how parents feel when they have a child with this type of illness  The huge number of responses we’ve got means that we can look at the results in great detail and can write an article for a scientific journal, so that the people who look after sick children can understand how parents might be feeling and possibly support them better.  We are really grateful to all of the parents who completed the survey for being so honest and for taking the time to give us such useful information.  We’d also like to thank Asthma UK for their help in promoting the survey.

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