Ged and Vicky go to a dance rehearsal!

Recently, Ged and Vicky have been talking to Evangelia Kolyra, who is a dancer and choreographer currently working on a project all about breath and breathing.  Evangelia asked King’s College London for some help and advice with the project, and so we have done our best to be helpful!  Evangelia visited our lab a while ago to help with our research, which she said helped her to understand what we do.  Last week, Ged and Vicky went to visit Evangelia and the other dancers  who are working on the project (Justyna Janiszewska, Elsa Petit, Elli Sikorski and Antonio de la Fe) to watch them rehearse.

Greenwich danceWatching the rehearsal was really interesting – it was so different to what we normally do!  The fascinating thing was that many of the things that the dancers had noticed while they were practicing were things that fitted with our research and knowledge of breathing.  We had some great discussions, talking about the science of why certain movements or ways of breathing might be easier or more difficult, as well as about how some of what they had experienced might be similar to how people with breathing problems can feel.  Having problems with your breathing can be quite scary but this is often hard to explain to people who have never had those feelings.  Perhaps dance could show this in a way that’s easier for people to understand.

We hope that we will be able to continue to work with Evangelia on this project.  Although it’s not – at the moment – something that we can directly use in our research, we think that Evangelia and her colleagues might be able to use their very impressive skills to help show what lung disease can feel like.  Our visit has pushed us to consider doing something completely new – this could be an exciting adventure!  Thank you, Evangelia, for inviting us along and we look forward to continuing to work with you.

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