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EIS researchers are working on a variety of topics and publish frequently. Here you can find their latest works.

Professor Christoph Meyer has guest-edited a special Issue of Media, War and Conflict drawing on the findings of the INFOCORE project on the role of the media in violent conflict. He also contributed the introduction and one article:

2017 (Meyer with C.Baden and M-S Frere) ‘Navigating the Complexities of Media Roles in Conflict: The INFOCORE Approach’, Media, War & Conflict, online first.

2017 (Meyer with E. Michaels and E. Sangar) ‘Changing perceptions through the media? The influence of Non-Governmental Organisations on media coverage of the Syria conflict, 2011-2014’, Media, War & Conflict, online first.

Dr Ramon Pacheco Pardo has been interviewed on Korean, East Asian and EU-East Asian affairs by BBC (TV, radio and Korea), Chosun Ilbo, Euronews, Evening Standard, Onda Cero, Politico, SkyNews and Vice, among others, over the past few weeks.

He also recently published a paper on ‘East Asia’s Regional Financial Governance: Assessing Korea’s Centrality’ for the Korea Economic Institute. He also has been interviewed on Korean, East Asian and EU-East Asian affairs by the BBC (TV, radio and Korea), Chosun Ilbo, Euronews, Evening Standard, Onda Cero, Politico, SkyNews and Vice, among others.

In addition, he participated at track-1.5 EU-Korea dialogue organised by EUISS in Brussels. He also recently published a paper on ‘East Asia’s Regional Financial Governance: Assessing Korea’s Centrality’ for the Korea Economic Institute.

Dr Lucia Pradella reviewed Gareth Stedman-Jones’s Karl Marx: Greatness and Illusion. International Review of Social History, 62(2), August 2017
and published Libya and Europe: Imperialism, War, and Migration. Third World Quarterly, September 2017 (with Sahar Rad).

She was also keynote speaker at the International Conference ‘Marx and Marxism 2017’ in Niteroi (Rio de Janeiro), organised by the Interdisciplinary Centre for Studies and Research on Marx and Marxism (NIEP-Marx), in August 2017.

Next Saturday (30 September) she will run a Marx Walking Tour as part of the British Academy’s season on Revolutions.

Dr Angelos Chryssogelos has co-edited the special issue of IPSR ‘Populism in World Politics’. This includes the introductory article (co-written with Vedi Hadiz) and an article on populism in Greece.

He has also written an article for the online Oxford Encyclopedia of Foreign Policy Analysis on populism and foreign policy and contributed an expert comment for Chatham House.

Dr Russell Foster published an article in Political Geography: Towards a geopolitics of atheism: Critical geopolitics post the ‘War on Terror. / Foster, Russell David; Megoran, Nick; Dunn, Michael. In: POLITICAL GEOGRAPHY, Vol. 60, 17.08.2017, p. 179-189.

Dr Roberto Roccu and Dr Benedetta Voltolini have co-edited a special issue that has been published online by Mediterranean Politics entitled ‘Framing and Reframing the EU’s Engagement with the Mediterranean’, Benedetta has also co-written another article in the issue (‘The EU and Islamist parties in Tunisia and Egypt after the Arab uprisings: A story of selective engagement’, with Silvia Colombo), and Roberto has written one (‘Banking on ordoliberalism? Security, stability and profits in EU’s economic reform promotion in Egypt’).

Dr James Wood recently gave a presentation entitled “Household Debt as a Cause of Income Inequality in the UK” at the University of Cambridge, as part of a workshop hosted by the British and Comparative Political Economy specialist group of the Political Studies Association.
Yue Zhou Lin attended the 8th Annual Conference in Political Economy at the Berlin School of Economics and Law.

Malte Laub has given papers at 13th Conference of the European Sociological Association in Athens, and the 11th Pan-European Conference on International Relations in Barcelona. He has also published an article in Zeit Online on class in modern Britain [German language].


Alessandro Arrigoni has passed his viva and all requirements for a Ph.D. The thesis was titled ‘Global Order, Worker’s Struggle and the Mobilization Against Precarity: the Case of ‘San Precario’ Congratulations, Dr Arrigoni!

Koldo Casla presented his paper ‘The Future of Economic and Social Rights in the UK: Challenges, but also Opportunities’ at the Conference on the Future of Human Rights in the UK, at the University of Brighton on 10 November. The paper will be a contribution to an edited volume to be published by Cambridge Scholars in late-2017. [Koldo did present and write the paper, despite Dr Donald being named as the author on the website.]

Adam Chalmers (forthcoming), ‘When Banks Lobby: The Effects of Organizational Characteristics and Banking Regulations on International Bank Lobbying’, Business & Politics.

Angelos Chryssogelos (2016), ‘The EU’s Crisis of Governance and European Foreign Policy‘, Chatham House.

Miray Erinc has successfully passed her viva. Her thesis is titled ‘Intra-EU labour mobility and convergence in the EU: The contradictory nature of the neoclassical aims of the EU’ – congratulations, Dr. Erinc!

Russell Foster (2016), “‘I want my country back.’ Emotion and Englishness at the Brexit ballotbox” [PDF Link]. Special publication for PSA EU Referendum Analysis 2016: Media, Voters and the Campaign.

Russell Foster (accepted, forthcoming 2017), ‘The Concept of Empire’, in W. Outhwaite and S. Turner (eds.) SAGE Handbook of Political Sociology. London: SAGE.

Russell Foster, N. Megoran and M. Dunn (accepted, forthcoming 2017), ‘New Atheism and the Geopolitics of the War on Terror’, Political Geography.

Pierre Haroche (2017), ‘Interdependence, Asymmetric Crises, and European Defence Cooperation’, European Security, pp. 1-27.

Stathis Kouvelakis (2016), ‘Spectres du “totalitarisme”: Poulantzas face au fascisme et à l’État d’exception’, in Jean-Numa Ducange and Razmig Keucheyan (eds.) La fin de l’Etat démocratique. Nicos Poulantzas, un marxisme pour le 21e siècle (Presses Universitaires de France).

Lucia Pradella (2016) Globalization and the Critique of Political Economy: New insights from Marx’s Writings. London/New York: Routledge (paperback edition).

Lucia Pradella (2016) Imperialism, Crisis, and Hegemonic Transition in Marx’s Capital. Science & Society 80(4): 454–67.

Lucia Pradella (2016) New Immigrants’ Struggles in Italy’s Logistics Industry. Comparative European Politics (with R. Cillo)

Roberto Roccu gave his paper ‘Neoliberalism as Passive Revolution? Insights from the Egyptian Experience’ at the 13th Annual Historical Materialism Conference on Sunday 13 November. He also gave a talk titled ‘Rooted to the spot? Understanding the limitations of EU democracy promotion through its formative influences’ at the University of Westminster as part of their departmental research seminar series on Tuesday 15 November.

James Wood (2016), ‘The effects of the distribution of mortgage credit on the wage share: Varieties in of residential capitalism compared’, Comparative European Politics.

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