Staff News

Professor Anand Menon has published on Brexit and chaired a conference: He has

Dr Isabelle Hertner attended the Annual Research Workshop of the PSA German Politics Specialist Group at the University of Birmingham. She spoke about the political and economic implications of the rise of the Alternative für Deutschland.

Dr Emmy Eklundh was a speaker in an event by LSE’s Forum for European Philosophy entitled “The Politics of Mental Health”. You can listen to the entire talk here.

Dr Kseniya Oksamytna has published an article ‘Policy Entrepreneurship by International Bureaucracies: The Evolution of Public Information in UN Peacekeeping‘ in International Peacekeeping.

Dr Russell Foster was interviewed by al-Jazeera on the emergence of white nationalism and white supremacy in European countries, particularly among youth.

He was also in Brussels and Mons, with military and civilian specialists from NATO and Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, speaking as part of a two-day joint conference on the signing of a defence agreement between 23 EU states and how that will impact relations between NATO and the EU.

Dr James Wood has been appointed as a co-convener of the Political Studies Association’s British and Comparative Political Economy Specialist Group?

Staff News

Fabian Bohnenberger recently published two new articles:

  • a brief assessment of the new UK white paper on trade policy after Brexit, available on the LSE’s Brexit blog,
  • and an article on the future role of the World Trade Organization and the dangers that increasing trade fragmentation and income inequality pose to the global trade system: Published in Nueva Sociedad (in Spanish, long version) and in International Politics and Society (shorter, more pointed version, in English).

Dr Emmy Eklundh has written an article for the Conversation about the struggle for independence in Catalonia.

Giorgos Gouzoulis presented his paper ‘Testing Minsky’s business cycle theory with historic data: The cases of USA (1929-2015) and UK (1882-2010)’ at an interdisciplinary workshop at Kingston University.

Dr Ramon Pacheco Pardo was interviewed on Asian and European affairs by Al Jazeera English, BBC, Monocle, People’s Daily, Pravda Slovakia and Sky News.

Staff News

Professor Anand Menon has published three articles on Brexit:

Dr Edoardo Bressanelli has written an article for the The Journal of Legislative Studies with Dr Nicola Chelotti (LSE):

  • Bressanelli, E. and N. Chelotti (2018). “The European Parliament and Economic Governance: Explaining a Case of Limited Influence”. The Journal of Legislative Studies, forthcoming 2018

Dr Alexander Clarkson did a podcast on Turks and Kurds in Germany with TurkeyBookTalk, an online source specialised on Turkish history and politics.

Dr Koldo Casla has successfully passed his PhD on “Order over Justice: International Human Rights Norm Promotion by Western European States”. Congratulations, Dr Casla!

Professor Christoph Meyer has written a new post on Brexit for the EIS blog.

Dr Douglas Voigt has successfully passed his PhD on “Social Justice and Labour Market Institutions: a Critical Analysis of the German Hartz Regime”. Congratulations, Dr Voigt!

Ksenia Kirham has moderated the section ‘Sanctioned States in the Context of Global Imperialism’ at the XI. RISA Convention in Moscow. She also gave a paper titled ‘The Welfare State Regime Approach to Analysing Sanctioned States’.

Staff News

Dr Edoardo Bressanelli has written an article with Dr Christel Kopp (Department of Political Economy) and Dr Christine Reh (University College London):

  • Koop, C., Reh, C. and E. Bressanelli (forthcoming), “When Politics Prevails: Parties, Elections and Loyalty in the European Parliament”. European Journal of Political Research

Dr Angelos Chryssogelos hhas appeared on a radio show “Manuale d’Europa Instruzioni d’uso per i cittadini europei” on the Italian station Radio1.

Dr Emmy Eklundh has been commenting on the referendum in Catalonia for CNN International, Sky News, LBC Radio, and Radio Free Europe.

Dr Katrin Schreiter has published a journal article with Central European History:

Agnieszka Witudo has contributed to publication of the European Parliamentary Research Service:

New Staff at EIS

With the new term, new staff are starting at EIS. This is who they are:

Kseniya OksamytnaDr Kseniya Oksamytna joined EIS in September 2017 having taught at the University of Warwick for two years. Her PhD was completed in the framework of the Joint Doctorate on Globalisation, Europe and Multilateralism at LUISS and the University of Geneva.

She studied media and globalisation studies for her MA in Aarhus, Amsterdam and London, and International Relations for her BA in Kyiv.

Kseniya has published on the EU military training mission in Somalia, the UN Security Council’s engagement with human rights NGOs, and Ukraine’s participation in peacekeeping.

She is currently working on individual and collaborative projects on the norms and practices of UN peacekeeping operations, the role of shaming in UN Security Council’s diplomacy during the Rwandan genocide, the UN Secretariat’s authority in peacekeeping, and the UN’s crisis response speed.

Dr Julia Nicholls joined King’s in September 2017 as a Lecturer in French & European Studies. She completed a BA in History and an MPhil in Modern South Asian Studies at King’s College, Cambridge, and a PhD in History at Queen Mary University of London.

Her thesis, which she is currently adapting into a book, explored French revolutionary thought after the 1871 Paris Commune. Her new research looks at comparisons of slavery and labour in nineteenth-century French thought.

Prior to joining King’s, Julia worked at New College, Oxford.

Victoria StadheimDr Victoria B-G Stadheim completed her PhD in the Department of Economics at SOAS University of London in 2017.

Her research has a political economy angle and focuses on the crisis in the Eurozone and specifically its impacts on Portugal.

Her interests include neoliberalism and capitalist periodisation, social transformation in the context of crisis, financialisation, labour and trade unions, and the political economy of development.

Victoria holds an MSc in Globalisation and Development (SOAS) and a BA in Development Studies (Oslo).

Prior to joining the Department of European and International Studies she taught courses in Political Economy of Finance, Debt and Development and Political Economy of Development.

Victoria is fluent in Norwegian and Portuguese, and close to fluent in Spanish.