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Professor Anand Menon has published on Brexit and chaired a conference: He has

Dr Isabelle Hertner attended the Annual Research Workshop of the PSA German Politics Specialist Group at the University of Birmingham. She spoke about the political and economic implications of the rise of the Alternative für Deutschland.

Dr Emmy Eklundh was a speaker in an event by LSE’s Forum for European Philosophy entitled “The Politics of Mental Health”. You can listen to the entire talk here.

Dr Kseniya Oksamytna has published an article ‘Policy Entrepreneurship by International Bureaucracies: The Evolution of Public Information in UN Peacekeeping‘ in International Peacekeeping.

Dr Russell Foster was interviewed by al-Jazeera on the emergence of white nationalism and white supremacy in European countries, particularly among youth.

He was also in Brussels and Mons, with military and civilian specialists from NATO and Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, speaking as part of a two-day joint conference on the signing of a defence agreement between 23 EU states and how that will impact relations between NATO and the EU.

Dr James Wood has been appointed as a co-convener of the Political Studies Association’s British and Comparative Political Economy Specialist Group?

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