Staff News

Fabian Bohnenberger recently published two new articles:

  • a brief assessment of the new UK white paper on trade policy after Brexit, available on the LSE’s Brexit blog,
  • and an article on the future role of the World Trade Organization and the dangers that increasing trade fragmentation and income inequality pose to the global trade system: Published in Nueva Sociedad (in Spanish, long version) and in International Politics and Society (shorter, more pointed version, in English).

Dr Emmy Eklundh has written an article for the Conversation about the struggle for independence in Catalonia.

Giorgos Gouzoulis presented his paper ‘Testing Minsky’s business cycle theory with historic data: The cases of USA (1929-2015) and UK (1882-2010)’ at an interdisciplinary workshop at Kingston University.

Dr Ramon Pacheco Pardo was interviewed on Asian and European affairs by Al Jazeera English, BBC, Monocle, People’s Daily, Pravda Slovakia and Sky News.

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